This is a Call to Arms.

Be The Shield.

We are undoubtedly in the fight of our lives right now. The devastation of the coronavirus has touched every person, every business, and every corner of the United States. It does not discriminate, play to party lines, or spare anyone, even if they are vital to keeping the rest of us healthy and safe.

It’s easy to feel powerless against something so invisible and so frightening, but if nothing else, we have our skills, our relationships, and the heart to take action for the greater good.

It is quite possibly all we need.

ZVerse is a digital manufacturing ecosystem that brings together makers with the designers, materials and manufacturers they need to bring their products to life with less friction and less waste. A few weeks back, we realized that we were unique in the world: We have the processes, relationships and technology to accelerate mass production of personal protective equipment (PPE) – specifically protective face shields – very quickly.

So, we played to our strengths, mobilizing our network of world-class industrial engineers and suppliers across the U.S. and choosing injection molding over 3D printing to achieve the scalability required for meeting the
demand of healthcare providers on the front lines. Today, we are producing 50,000 protective face shields a day, all designed, sourced and made in the USA.

Now, it’s your turn to take up arms, and Be the Shield.

The ZVerse manifesto of doing what’s right & what’s useful right now:

Allow Events to Change You.

Openness to experiences and the willingness to let them change you is growth. If there is a day to pivot, it is today.

Help the Helpers.

Essential medical personnel especially are on the front lines of treating and preventing the spread of COVID-19. They are both vital and vulnerable. Find ways to help them so they can better help all of us.

Solve the Right Problem. Pick the Right Solution.

The first step in creating effective action is making sure you’re solving the right problem. The second is to choose a solution that fits best; not the easiest or the handiest one, but the right one.

Play to Your Strengths.

If your strength is technology that connects people, use it to connect people who can make amazing things that can make a difference in the world.

Do Something, Big or Small, as Long as it’s Good.

Positivity is powerful fuel. Right now, the world could use more of it.

Remember: We are All In This Together

And together we can change, solve, hack, or fix just about anything.

Cultivate Relationships, Not Competitions

We may not be able to get together in a room right now, but the connections we have with others are still the world’s most valuable currency. Don’t hoard it. Spend it freely but wisely

Stand on Someone’s Shoulders.

Starting from scratch is slow, and over-rated. Build off of the accomplishments of those who came before.

When You’re Down, Look Up.

When doors close, it’s natural to want to give up. Don’t. Opportunities arise at the strangest of times. Don’t be caught staring at your feet and miss them.

Life is Not On Hold; it is Simply Waiting For Us to Act.

Starting from scratch is slow, and over-rated. Build off of the accomplishments of those who came before.