CAD as a Service (CADaaS)

With ZVerse CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform, you can offer 3D Design services, without the pain of managing 3D Design services.

We help On Demand Manufacturers say yes to more production leads.

We provide a great customer experience.

Customers love knowing what to expect and that they are being taken care of. LAYR is a complete solution that provides a great customer experience with personability and ease.

We help you increase your sales revenue.

The CADaaS platform mission is to convert customers that do not have files into new long term customer relationships.

Our service is expert powered.

Powered by actual service providers and industry professionals, your customer guided through an industry proven process to create their 3D files. Manufacturability Guaranteed.

We provide you with impactful insights.

Know and understand your customers “ask” and pain so you can increase effectiveness and satisfaction.

How It Works


We provide you with your own, custom-branded, 3D Design customer portal to put on your site.


When a customer needs a 3D file designed, they submit their request on the portal, and our team of experts quotes the project.


The customer orders their 3D design, and our platform pairs their project with a 3D designer .


We deliver the customer a guaranteed manufacturable 3D file, and send them back to you for production.

That’s it.

We give you the portal, you send your customers there, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we finish your customer’s design, we’ll send them right back to you for production.

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