3D Design With Us.

We have a 3D Designer for every need- and we use Machine Learning to ensure you get the perfect 3D Designer for the job.


Define your project on our easy to use customer portal.


Our platform will use machine learning to match your project with the perfect 3D designer for the job, and we’ll design your project with guaranteed manufacturability.


Once we complete your design, you will be able to download it on our customer portal, or have it produced through our 3D production network.

Our Designers create manufacturable files for a variety of processes & materials.

Here are some of our core processes.

3D Printing.

Our network of 3D Designers can create fully manufacturable files for a variety of 3D Printing processes and materials. 

CNC Processes.

Our 3D Designers can design for CNC milling, lathe, and water jet cutting.

Injection Molding.

Our 3D Design network can create manufacturable files for injection molding operations.

We use Machine Learning to streamline the Design process.

Once you submit a design request, our smart platform uses machine learning to match your project with the best designer for the job. By taking into account the designer’s skillset, past projects, hourly rate, and estimated completion time, we can guarantee you work with the absolute best 3D designer for the project.

We have a 3D Designer for every project.

By utilizing our network of professional 3D designers and engineers for your 3D design project, you gain access to virtually any 3D design capability. Need a mechanical part? We have a designer for that. Need a hyper-realistic figurine? We can help with that too. We have US-based and international designers, so no matter what time you need 3D design work done, we have a seasoned 3D designer on the clock.

How Process R&D Strengthens our 3D Design Network

By producing parts in-house, we can pass on our industry knowledge to our 3D Design Network to accommodate different 3D Printing processes and materials. Thanks to our production capabilities, our 3D designers are skilled in technologies such as DLS, SLS, SLA, and CJP.

Are you skilled in 3D Design?

Apply to join Studio, our vetted network of 3D design experts and engineers.

Here are some projects we’ve worked on.

Hellical Gear

The customer needed a 3D CAD file of an existing part. The ZVerse team was able to design a production-ready part by referencing an image of the gear alone. The entire process took less than two days to complete.

Design Cost: $185.00

Industrial Vent

One of the largest needs 3D design can meet is creating manufacturable digital files of old legacy parts. Here’s a vent design we created for an AEC client who only had a physical part, and no actual drawings or files. Upon receiving the part from the client, our 3D Design team was able to create a manufacturable 3D file, which the client used to reproduce 8,000 usable parts in a quick, cost-efficient fashion.

Design Cost: $150.00

Brasfield & Gorrie

Atlanta City Block

The ZVerse team created a large-format, 2′ x 2′ x 2,′ Pre-Constructed Atlanta City Block Replica for Brasfield & Gorrie sales, marketing, and communication efforts.

The ZVerse production team then 3D printed the model in Full Color CJP.

Design Cost: $2,500

Mechanical Part

The customer needed a 3D CAD file of a functional mechanical part to be produced with CNC milling. The ZVerse team created manufacturable design, including functional threading, in two days.

Design Cost: $225.00