2D to 3D with ZVerse


2D to 3D with ZVerse

Converting 2D to 3D CAD files at scale remains the roadblock standing in the way of the digital manufacturing journey for legacy and MRO parts. ZVerse’s automated solution removes this obstacle, ushering these parts into the digital manufacturing realm at a lower conversion cost and faster timeframe.

Enter the ZVerse: Our 2D to 3D Design Process

Through a combination of machine learning and advanced deterministic algorithms, ZVerse enables manufacturers to start with the 2D assets they have and leverage our automation to transition legacy 2D CAD files into 3D models that can be used to accelerate digital manufacturing initiatives.

ZVerse’s breakthrough solution removes the high touch, manual bottlenecks involved in this workflow today.

File Collection & Assessment

Our software collects every 2D CAD file within your file systems and automatically assesses individual files for design complexity.

2D to 3D conversion

Using a combination of our automated design tools and designer enabled workflow platform, we convert your 2D CAD files into 3D formats.

Software Validation

Our Software validates the 3D assets we’ve generated to ensure accurate conversions.

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